Strategy & Experience Direction
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Service change for the Ministry of Justice


Service change for the Ministry of Justice

Working to develop strategic design thinking, service change and uncover new opportunities through digital at the Ministry of justice. 

As a part of the Ministry of Justice Digital Services team I worked as a strategic design director across a number of projects and services. Working to help the department and teams develop their understanding and approaches across experience, strategy, service design and identifying new opportunities.

Working with service managers, product owners, domain specialists, developers, designers and researchers I helped to resolve service design challenges, working towards setting a standard for how we digitise government services.

In addition I worked with teams at Government Digital Service (GDS) to develop cross government design patterns and share learnings across departments including user experience investigations into the guidance approaches.

Understanding users

Working with user research to help convey findings into experience design and strategy, this included being a part of user testing, interviews, documentation and stakeholder workshops.

New methodology

Developing new methods of working across multidisciplinary teams to help set best practices standard in: service mapping, business case approach, service design, user centred design and internal assessment. 

Champion service design

Service design lead providing design direction, journey mapping, prototyping, leading workshops and developing service design thinking, both within Ministry of Justice Digital services and liaising with GDS.

Make change happen

Developing service and product business cases, savings modelling, liaising with domain specialists and building up approach to user centred business cases.

Giving better guidance

Developing and publishing guidance and user focused best practice for elements and patterns for GOV.UK digital services as a part of the GDS team. Including discussion pages, email updates and GOV.UK elements and patterns guidance as well as user research on guidance needs.